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Welcome to my new homepage. It has taken more than a decade to once again setup my author page.It is still under construction.

Easter Update – March 27, 2016

So much to do. A bit of the flu had got us down but am back to work. You can also check out my Facebook page for my UFO book  UFO Enounters (first hardback published by Longmeadow and the Walden Books).

Christmas sale over and in addition trying to support the Homeless Aid (Give Me Shelter) Rock Festival we are doing – need to get a little shelter of my own for Free Spirit and I.  New editions of most of my books. My first seriously published book had an editor from hell which missed a lot of corrections, Working on putting up sections here but for now – this is where they are…

My Second Life by DrKarl Hammand


UFO Encounters 2nd Edition

Very sad that Nancy who spoke to me on the phone when she was first researching her book has passed away. She did investigate and verify much of what I discovered and it is sad she is gone. JBM


Catspaw by JB Michaels


The Opening by JB Michaels

HORROR Opening

Other books soon to be released
Beyond Second Life, The Spirit Journey, Survivor, Clonus 2049 A.D., and
Pandemic Now – Survival Manual

You can find me on Facebook at
https://www.facebook.com/JB-Michaels-1474435996217786/ or https://www.facebook.com/jbmichaelsauthor

and more about the coming Rock Festival and help for the homeless page at


Homeless United 

The Spirit Journey 


Spring Update– March1, 2016

Much has happened in the last two months. A new book is out and doing well “The Opening” and one is coming soon.

Witchmaker Twine – The Awakening

One thing is for certain, with the world the way it is, we all need escape through reading, through games, even watching movies or just going for walks (preferably with the one we love) and taking time to smell the roses.


“She crept inside, to the world below” Era – Sentence
“You know what antediluvian means,” said Ezra adjusting his glasses.
“Means before the flood,” said Bubba taking a swig of beer and putting the can on top of the bookcase.
Bubba was Dr. Ezra Jamison’s only assistant. He played football, had a girlfriend named Sizzle and was hoping to get out early and go up to the swamp and have more beer and a lot more of Sizzle.
“I am not stupid,” he said. “And I have all my teeth.”
“Not saying that,” said Ezra. “I was out taking samples and there is something really old beneath that island. More than old. Ancient.”
“I get that,” said Bubba. “I was born here and sometimes at night, I can feel things. But there are places you could go which might be a lot better than just collecting dirt. There are stories.”
“Daylight’s burning,” said Ezra. “Okay. I’m listening. Where should we go?”
Bubba pulled out his Tablet device and with a few sweeps of his fingers had opened a map.
“Honey Island and I would bet there is something there beneath the ground,” he said zooming the area. “Maybe caves or an entrance.”
“You know they found the city of Troy because Heinrich Schliemann had a dream of where to dig,” said Ezra.
“Well, I have my own dreams laying next to Sizzle on our futon on the porch looking out at the swamp. I see us together long before this was a swamp and you know… I don’t even think we were human.”

(flicks the magical remote on reality and slips into a dream)



Merry Christmas – December 25, 2015

HORROR Opening

The Opening by JB Michaels
The Opening on Kindle

My Second Life by DrKarl Hammand
My Second Life 2nd Edition on Kindle

UFO Encounters (will be out for Christmas 2015 – 2nd Edition

Catspaw by JB Michaels
Catspaw on Kindle

coming for 2016





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