Welcome to my homepage. A published author since 1994, I finally have recovered my name – my Amazon page – and pages on Facebook.

Update November 8, 2016 – Working on an update to the home page

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Still lots to do here and you can find my books by following the Amazon link.  Also working on some new ones – both The Spirit Journey and Twine are doing very well. For a little entertainment I am putting a few videos. More to come. Update – November 8, 2016

Twine – the novel which inspired the simulation World of Twine, is coming out for the New Year – 2017 as is the game.   World of Twine

Catspaw on Amazon Kindle CatspawCover

Catspaw is an exciting novel – a science-fiction adventure which unfolds from the deep research lab, where Jeff and his team make a breakthrough at Stanford Labs and leads him deep into the Yucatan jungle in search of the final part of the mystery. Krista Brinks enters his life, one shaken by divorce, the end of his research grant, and night after night of going to the Distillery watching the world through sad eyes with a heart of a man who has failed in everything. This is a love story – one of obsession- passion – bitter defeat with rich characters and high pitched action and dialog. It is Catspaw – one who is used by another – and yet it is the journey not the destination which will leave one even at the end wanting more.


Review by -Melody Dempsey

Jeff, a Biological Researcher at Stanford University, along with his research partner Tom, are trying to find the missing link in the human genome.  Jeff, besides being a brilliant Biological Researcher, also has an incredible and insatiable sexual appetite.
Krista, a young woman with a reputation for being promiscuous has taken quite a liking to Jeff, even though she has a very jealous boyfriend, Bradley, who is known to be a psychotic maniac! This young woman causes a lot of trouble in Jeff’s life,

JB Michaels takes you through many twist and turns throughout this fascinating novel! From the lab at Stanford University, where Jeff and Tom use dark, immoral techniques for their research work, to the depths of the Life Center, where chambers are housing cadavers, proving to be quite gruesome at times, to the depths of the Rain Forest, where terror and death come to those who are not prepared!
Catspaw is a bone chilling, terrifying novel that is a page tuner! I found this very hard to put down!

I give Catspaw, five stars!

The Opening on Amazon Kindle TheOpening2016

Around a blazing fire were drums and the sound of them filled the air. Feather quickly got off of her horse, Kachina, and felt herself surrounded by the music and her heart filled with the undulating rhythm and singing voices that echoed in the great forest.
Above her Feather could see a clear black velvet sky and the shimmering stars of the Big Bear. She could not help herself as wave after wave of emotion coursed through her. Images appeared of ghostly warriors, medicine men, women, and even children who were dancing, and in an ocean of stars she saw a herd of horses with thundering hooves sparking with light and swirled by fire. She could heard the war cries of a thousand braves charging into battle fill the air as they rode upon the wispy clouds across a blood red moon. Feather began singing, spinning and dancing around the fire.
“We dance the dance of the circle around the warmth of the fire that binds our hearts – beneath the trees and upon the leaves, our bare feet kiss the earth as our hands reach towards the sky. It is the dance of life and death, of seasons, harvest, the young, the old, earth, air, fire and water. We give our spirits to each other – our love – and share with each other the great mystery of joy and tears – and together find rebirth.”
Feather was crying. Her tears flowed freely streaming down her cheeks and all the sadness, all the fear, all the pain flowed upwards through her up-stretched arms as a beam of light from the palms of her hands crackling with energy ascended up into the sky.The Opening tells of how three “sisters” find each other to finally fight a force of darkness that has returned to the Klamath Basin in Oregon after the eruption of Mt. Mazama, when Crater lake was formed many thousands of years ago. As Clinton Jarvis arrives from Boston on the first train, his dream is to build a lumber mill, find the woman who will stand by him as an equal, and build a mansion for their family. More than a hundred years later, and several brutal murders, Feather must take and return from her Spirit Journey and with her sisters try and stop the ultimate Evil as it tries to enter and destroy this world.

My Second Life on Amazon Kindle  MySecondLife2016

There was a violent thunderstorm and without warning, a searing bright flash of lightening lit up the small park by the courthouse near Jack Gates’s second floor office. The bolt struck a leafless tree in the small West Virginia town setting it on fire. This seemed like an ominous event to Jack on Christmas Eve. The park was clearly visible from his window. The flash, which lasted less than a second, illuminated his silhouette next to a large malamute dog on his lap on the dark wood panel wall. He had been on the computer for hours in his large office; several times the lights had flickered menacingly. In the dead of winter, with a temperature of eight degrees Fahrenheit, was not a good time to lose light and heat. Snow continued to pile up beyond the reach of the snowplow he heard going by breaking the dead silence. It made his room seem like a tomb.

He looked through his window to see a flaming tree. Above the scene in the courthouse park, the sky was filled with grey clouds, which had hidden the sun for weeks. This added to the dreary world, that Jack lived in. For a moment he paused, the image of the shadow on the wall etched on his mind. “I am now in the Abyss,” he thought.
For a moment, Jack imagined he was standing in front of a large mirror. His reflection suddenly turned and beckoned him to join—to step through to the other side. He followed it into a new beginning—and so began—his Second Life.

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