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This is the new update for 2019.  A lot of new things happening, and about to happen for the New Year. Catspaw, The Opening, UFO Encounters, and My Second Life are now out in paperback. Reviews now up on Goodreads and working The Twine Trilogy – World of Twine – The Awakening and a new edition of The Spirit Journey which will be in e-book form for $.99.

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UFO Encounters

For this Christmas and New Year’s – already now up on Amazon both Catspaw and The Opening in paperback. Went through both novels and actually rewrote quite a bit as well as edited them for paperback. Currently, redoing this entire website with pics, and tabs on all my books as well as a lot of them coming.

As I near finishing the first novel The Awakening – of the trilogy World of Twine – In dreams I still see the images of Eniwt – Twine’s sister fleeing as she is hunted to return to – The World Below. This is the story – that inspired Eniwt for World of Twine – Twine’s twin –  it is the tale of the Little Wolf Girl.

from The Company of Wolves –

“Once upon a time, when the village was asleep, a she-wolf came from The World Below to The World Above. She meant no harm to anyone, but someone meant harm to her.”

“She crept inside to The World Below”.

I begin the Trilogy for World of Twine – the first book – The Awakening in France in the 17th century.  It begins in 1685 as the Palace of Versailles with the daughter of King Louis XIV – by his notorious mistress Athenais. It was said that the first born of Athenais were really triplets – three babies – all females – at least that is what Twine writes in her log about the ship in pursuit of the the Mary Celeste. For Twine becomes a pirate – and is chased into the Louisiana Bayou as she tries to find the portal which leads to the world below.

Athenais – the Mistress of Louis XIV at the Palace of Versailles

Some say that Twine – for her real name has been lost in history – was quite insane and there were no three sisters – Twine, Eniwt, or Dwixl – only Twine. Yet her mother historically was connected with Voisin – a notorious witch and poisoner who was burned at the stake for witchcraft in Paris in 1870.

There were so many trying to kill Louis XIV and Athenais hired Voisin in what became a famous scandal in which many people were executed. Athenais was fighting off so many rivals for the king’s affections – both men and women.

Into this drama, Twine is born in 1669 at the palace. She wrote in her diary that her sister, Eniwt, was a skin-walker – able to change into a wolf and had discovered an entry into another world called by some “The World Below”.

This epic stretches over 3 novels of the Trilogy World of Twine – and will be coming to you in cyber space in the coming Virtual and Reality game – WOT – World of Twine.

You will find more info on the books on the tabs – but for now – this is what inspired me – along with Free Spirit – my lady – to create The World of Twine.

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