The Opening

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Around a blazing fire were drums and the sound of them filled the air. Feather quickly got off of her horse, Kachina, and felt herself surrounded by the music and her heart filled with the undulating rhythm and singing voices that echoed in the great forest. Above her Feather could see a clear black velvet sky and the shimmering stars of the Big Bear. She could not help herself as wave after wave of emotion coursed through her. Images appeared of ghostly warriors, medicine men, women, and even children who were dancing, and in an ocean of stars she saw a herd of horses with thundering hooves sparking with light and swirled by fire.

She could heard the war cries of a thousand braves charging into battle fill the air as they rode upon the wispy clouds across a blood red moon. Feather began singing, spinning and dancing around the fire. “We dance the dance of the circle around the warmth of the fire that binds our hearts – beneath the trees and upon the leaves, our bare feet kiss the earth as our hands reach towards the sky. It is the dance of life and death, of seasons, harvest, the young, the old, earth, air, fire and water. We give our spirits to each other – our love – and share with each other the great mystery of joy and tears – and together find rebirth.”

Feather was crying. Her tears flowed freely streaming down her cheeks and all the sadness, all the fear, all the pain flowed upwards through her up-stretched arms as a beam of light from the palms of her hands crackling with energy ascended up into the sky. The Opening tells of how three “sisters” find each other to finally fight a force of darkness that has returned to the Klamath Basin in Oregon after the eruption of Mt. Mazama, when Crater lake was formed many thousands of years ago. As Clinton Jarvis arrives from Boston on the train, his dream is to build a lumber mill, find the woman who will stand by him as an equal, and build a mansion for their family. More than a hundred years later, and several brutal murders, Feather must take and return from her Spirit Journey and with her sisters try and stop the ultimate Evil as it tries to enter and destroy this world.

Here the journey begins and will continue in The Spirit Journey Feather recognized the saddle made by Old Bear and fastened to it was a small pouch. She opened it and looked inside. “That is a gift for you from Old Bear, ” said Kachina. “You have showed great bravery already in fighting to protect your mother. When your journey is done, you may only wear it before the Indian Council and the tribe when you have told the story of your journey to all.” Feather could feel Old Bear’s essence as she held the highly ornate feather in her hand streaked with turquoise. It was so beautiful. “Since I was a child,” she whispered, “when my mother first gave me my name and the feather I wear in my hair, I have always kept it and so I will. But now as we go to find the source of thunder beings and I am to become a Skinwalker, I shall be able to take any form of any beast. It is a new beginning and so I take this new feather and wear it in honor of Old Bear and Fawn.”

“Some day,” said Kachina, “your children shall sing and dance as you leave this world, but the story shall be told by them and their children’s children, to each new generation and live on, forever.”

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