The Spirit Journey

Available in Paperback 2018
2nd Edition Kindle 2018

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Feather could feel Old Bear’s essence as she held the highly ornate feather in her hand streaked with turquoise. It was so beautiful. “Since I was a child,” she whispered, “when my mother first gave me my name and the feather I wear in my hair, I have always kept it and so I will. But now as we go to find the source of thunder beings and I am to become a Skinwalker, I shall be able to take any form of any beast. It is a new beginning and so I take this new feather and wear it in honor of Old Bear and Fawn.” “Some day,” said Kachina, “your children shall sing and dance as you leave this world, but the story shall be told by them and their children’s children, to each new generation and live on, forever.”


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