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For years the government has denied and possibly covered up the existence of UFOs. Despite the efforts, thousands of people around the world claim to have had UFO and alien encounters and refuse to accept these denials. Modern technology and the candor of witnesses has helped to support the claims of alien visitors, abductions, and UFO sightings.

In UFO Encounters, author J.B. Michaels exposes evidence on the Carp landing and the Brookhaven incident which helps support the existence of aliens and government cover ups. In Carp, Ontario Canada, a local resident video taped a craft as it landed on a farm. After expert examination the tape was verified to be authentic. Several years later, a mother spacecraft was shot down by the military over Long Island. Another smaller ship lost control and crashed in nearby South Haven Park causing a fire that was seen by local residents.

J.B. Michaels has interviewed over two hundred people who witnessed the Carp landing, the South Haven Park crash or actually encountered the alien that survived the crash and was held at Brookhaven Labs. These conversations along with the video footage that Mr. Michaels obtained prove without a doubt that UFO Encounters are a reality.


It was a clear night. There wasn’t a lot of pollution on this part of Long Island, and there was a beautiful, cloudless night sky, with brilliant shining stars from horizon to horizon. Richard jumped as he noticed a V shaped formation of glowing lights moving above the trees. “Holy shit!” said Todd, holding his arm in front of his face. The objects were moving above Brookhaven Labs to the north of them. “What are those?”

Suddenly he gasped as a huge glowing sphere became visible in the sky. “I can’t watch this and drive!” Todd rammed his foot down on the brake. The truck skidded to a stop at the side of the freeway. Both boys jumped out of the truck. “Whoa!” said Richard. “Will you look at this?” Above the trees, a glowing ball hung motionless in the sky, streams of yellow, orange, and dark crimson flames swirling around it, the unnatural hue of those colors reflected off the storm clouds moving in from the east.

Three smaller craft darted about the sphere and then were motionless. They were much smaller, each perhaps the size of a commercial plane. They were triangular, with rounded edges like a Stealth jet. However, the sphere – mother ship as Richard later would call it – was immense. It was some 60 to 80 feet in diameter, the size of a four to five story building. What made it all the more unusual was the almost complete silence. The two boys looked up, mesmerized by the bright objects and the magnetic resonant hum that they felt more than heard. The lights of the truck flickered, blinking in an odd strobe like rhythm.

Suddenly the lights along the highway dimmed, and began to go out one by one. A wave of darkness swept across the rows of houses that were just a few hundred feet from the highway. “It’s a blackout,” said Dan. “Somebody’s drawing power from the main lines, and I don’t think it’s those UFOs.” There was one last surge of power and then all the lights in the town for several miles around went out. The giant sphere glowed as a beam of energy shot from the ground just north of them much too close. There was a low rumble, and the craft shimmered, became incandescent, and then exploded. Two of the other craft streaked across the sky, leaving a shining trail of vapor behind them, and then one shot straight up into the night sky.

The remaining craft just hovered, as if whatever was piloting it was completely stunned by the destruction of the larger vessel. Before it could make a move to escape, another beam of light pulsed up from the ground near Brookhaven National Laboratory. Energy swirled around the object. The crippled ship veered at a 45-degree angle, and then plummeted down into Southaven Park. The earth trembled as the object crashed and huge flames shot up in the sky.

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