Published author since 1994, once more I am back online and have books up. As we near Christmas 2017 and my “rez day” in Second Life, it is a new beginning. Special thanks to Free Spirit who stood by me and helped me finish The Opening and all those who have bought my books throughout the years. The best is yet to some. Welcome to my homepage.

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  1. It wasn’t video that killed the radio star, it was greed. And big corporations. E-books are, in my optimistic view of the future, what is going to save readers and writers from mass produced palm-l/popubit. A healthy variety of ebook sources (not just Kindle, or Adobe DRM’ed epub, etc.) is what is needed.And p-books still have a place in all that. People don’t all think the same, learn the same, believe the same. Some people NEED the visceral feel of paper, that intimate contact with the media container. Some people don’t. There’s nothing wrong with that.

    1. I agree with you Doll and so I have two new paperbacks out because people do need the feel of something in their hands they can take with them. I am posting these links today to my new paperbacks. jbm.

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